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​"Love the Soaperlis scrub - I use oils and scrubs all the time.. I have not come across one as amazing as this one! Pure products, amazing results"
- Maria Gilman
"I feel so pampered after using the sugar scrub!! Love how moisturized my skin feels every time I use it.
And knowing that everything is handmade with essential oils and natural ingredients is the cherry on top. "
- Kathy Kan
"The orange sugar body scrub is amazing! The ingredients are natural. Just put some on during a shower scrub and rinse off.
Even after towel drying, my legs were so soft after using because of the essential oils."
- Doreen. Pieffer
"The handmade soaps and sugar scrubs work amazingly on my face and body! I feel so pampered by the sugar scrubs after a long tiring day! Strongly recommending to my family and friends cos they deserve the good stuffs!"
- Leeann. T
"Sweet Orange body scrub is a real treat for the skin. The smell is great and skin feels soft. I look forward to trying out more products!"
- Nguyen. Dung
"Soaperlis soap is amazing! My personal favorite is Rosemary soap. Nice handcrafted products and service."
- Sylvia. Gomes
"My wife and I tried the products not only does it have a perfect perfume scent but the combination of ingredients in the soap keeps the skin" fresh. Highly recommended.
- Samuel N Jacobs
"The sugar scrub has been great for exfoliating and moisturizing, especially helpful for tough areas like knees and feet!"
- Dorothy R. Carroll
"The lavender scrub from Soaperlis is very soothing and moisturizing. My skin felt so soft and pampered after just one use. I appreciate that the scrub is made to order and that all the ingredients are all-natural. Also, the scrub is not too abrasive, which i really like...I have even used it on my face before bedtime."
- Deborah. Osterhoudt
"Best sugar scrub i ever use! Our skin (my 7yo daughter) found our skin so smooth n smell great after use. Always reach out for this scrub whenever we need a glow! Thank you soaperlis for such awesome invention!"
- Jamie. Toh
"I never have sugar scrub before, until I try this product. Smell very smooth and relaxing. You don’t have to worry about any chemical elements from handmade products! I have bought one as a birthday present for my female friend and she loves it too."
- Rebecca. Yang
"Tried out the sweet orange soap. It feels light and subtle. Fragrance is not too strong but sweet and simple. Ingredients are natural and vegan."
- Martha. Woo
"I generally do not use exfoliating scrubs for the reason that they leave my skin feeling really dry and sometimes sore due to the sugars in it. Soaperlis' scrubs however, are the total opposite. There are essential oils and coconut oils that leave your body feeling moisturized and squeaky clean after a shower. Great for a winter's day when you feel like your body is too dry. It smells great too!"
- Grace. Ng
"Tried the soaps and LOOOOVVVEEE IT! It smells so good and so gentle on the skin, even both my toddlers use it as well. Highly recommended!
P/s: the soaps also make a very good wardrobe freshener! I kept two bars in the drawer and pleasantly surprised how good all my clothes smelled for months!"
- Jojo. CL
"Enjoy using Soaperlis soaps and scrubs. Love its fragrance and freshness. Makes my skin feels smooth and soft after a good scrub.
Lathers very well and sure feels good and refreshing after a bath. Serves as good fresheners in my cupboards and drawers too.
Indeed it's a good and lovely gift to bless our friends and loved ones."
- Shirley. Chee
"Love the lavender scrub and the way it makes my skin feel. It smells great too."
- Juliana. Lee
"Great soaps, great quality and they smell amazing!! Very beautiful and super pleasing to the eye."
- Lauren. Osterhoudt
"Very moisturizing, amazing aroma, such a treat to use the scrub!"
- Lydia. Sin

These soaps are gentle on the skin and come in some amazing scents. The bar soaps are beautifully wrapped and smell wonderful! I bought them to give as stocking gifts last Christmas, and will do so again, as my people appreciate handmade gifts. I’m looking forward to trying more Soaperlis products!

Lesley Harris. M

It was a pleasure to met you and admire your display. Your soaps are so pretty. You created lovely scents.

Thank you for taking the time to introduce us to your products.

— Ursula. Morris

"LOVEEEEE! After shaving my legs i use the sugar scrub and then top it off with the moisturizing cream. Amazing! "
- Jordan
"I love the orange sugar scrub... its a amazing product... i love the scent of the orange essential oil which freshen my senses and mind... love the after feeling of the scrub...leaving a protecive film on my skin keeping my dry skin moistured all day..."
- Xue. Er
"Soaperlis scrub is amazing! My skin felt so soft n smooth after using it."
- Claudine. Tan
"I have used the sweet orange scrub a few times per week for more than a month now! I like how it smells so heavenly when I spread the scrub onto my body, and how smooth my skin feels after using it! Knowing that the ingredients are natural, it made me feel at ease for using it without worrying! Thank you Soaperlis for the awesome product! Looking forward to using the Lavender scrub soon after!"
- Poh Yen. Lim
"I have tried the Lavender body scrub. Loved the aromatic scent that relaxes my mind as the scrub worked its way to remove dead skin on my body especially joint areas, elbow,knee and heels. After rinse off, my skin is left smooth to touch that lasts the entire day. Best of all, it is not drying to skin and fairly even out my skin tone when use regularly."
- Jerine. S
"I love soaperlis organic scrubs!!!🖒 Its amazing tat it helps to smooth out my dry dull sensitive skin."
- Jessica. T
"I tried a sugar scrub with grapefruit and lavender oil in it. The scent was light yet very fruity and refreshing and my skin had a nice soft feel to it after bath. Love it!"
- Ruth. P
"Great products! I have used the grapefruit scented soap which left my hands clean, soft and moisturized! The exfoliating & nourishing sugar body scrub is also a bomb! The scent attracts me and it make my skin feel saturated with nutrients and satisfaction! Definitely come back to buy more!"
- Yuting. J

“tried Lavender scrub from Soaperlis , the scrub not only gives you super soft skin and promotes relaxation. ”

— Jocelyn. L

"The lemongrass bar soap is lovely - cleans well yet is very moisturizing! I occasionally use it for my face as well when my face wash runs out and it works well as a facial soap too"

— Ariel Hou

"The soap really moisturizes my face, body and hair. Love the lemon grass smell. Wonderful product👍👍"

— Edwin Tan

"Excellent fragrance, moisturising and long-lasting. Great value for money. The packaging is also so well done and great as gifts."

— Eunice Peck

"I love it! It's great"

— Sheri Sheta

"Your soaps smell amazing and I appreciate the samples you included! Great gift idea for any occasion!"

— Sheila Reilly"

"Finally got the sweet orange body scrub the lovely lady boss hand carried to me. Immediately tried it after back home.

Welcomed by natural fragrance that is refreshing after a day of work. The sugar is not too coarse n melted on my damped body during scrub.

After shower my body is lingering with the revitalizing fragrance and the ingredients left a light layer of oils on my body, very moisturizing feel. My 4yrs old son asked me...mommy did you ate orange in the bathroom. Simply love it!!!"

— Nancy Ong

Tried the Honey Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange Body Scrub.

A combination use of scrub and soap left the skin buttery moisturized.

Scent is lovely, lifted and energised my mind and senses after each use. Loving these products from Soaperlis!

— Cheryl. T

As a person who works at the spa, I tried so many different high end body products. I LOVE soaps and body scrub from Soaperlis.
Soaps: they lather so well yet gentle to skin. I even used on my face and didn’t dry my face at all.
Scrub: my kids enjoy their weekly scrubbing. It smells so good and does its job. It doesn’t get oily after shower.
Highly highly recommend!

— Jackie Mandoo

All of the products Soaperlis made are crafted with care and love out of the best ingredients. The soaps smell so good and are gentle on skin. These products are great for everyday use in your home ot perfect as a gift. 

— Amy Suppes

"Soaperlis is such a wonderful company. The owner, Claudia, really strives to create the best, quality products and presents them in a special way. I particularly recommend the motion sickness essential oil combination; I always get motion sickness if I am not in the driver’s seat. However, when I used it several times over a recent holiday trip, I did not experience any motion sickness symptoms. Likewise, I let my sister-in-law borrow it, and she did not as well. I’ve also bought many of the soaps and given them out to very appreciate friends. The unscented soaps really help given that I often get headaches due to various scented products. (My son even recently took the soap I had bought for myself).

I highly recommend Soaperlis products—they are natural, effective, and made with love."

— Dawn Opie

These soaps are amazing and so is the beautiful lady that makes them. Check out the website and place an order. You will be happy you did. 

— Mary Jane Braaten


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